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Re: Clearing the minibuffer/echo-area for global indicators

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Clearing the minibuffer/echo-area for global indicators
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 08:36:48 -0400
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>> Someone posted a patch last year that removes a few spurious/redundant
>> clearing of the minibuffer/echo-area, which were making the use of the
>> minibuffer as a global-indicator-area more difficult than needed.
>> I can't seem to find the corresponding email any more, so...
>> ... whoever it was, could you send the patch again, so we can
>> install it?

> How about providing a function `clear-echo-area' which does precisely
> that but calls `clear-echo-area-hook' thus giving maintainers a chance
> to resurrect and possibly update their indicators?  Or, as I suggested
> earlier, have `message' with a nil or empty string argument run such a
> `clear-echo-area-hook'.

IIRC with the patch (which is a low-level C code patch), no such tweaks
are needed.


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