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Re: .info files

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: .info files
Date: Sat, 05 May 2012 18:24:26 -0700
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On 05/04/2012 05:30 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
I believe there's a misunderstanding, here: the "MS-DOS" support of
Emacs is really about running Emacs in FreeDOS, IIUC.

My impression is otherwise, i.e., that the MS-DOS support of
Emacs is intended to run on true MS-DOS.  For example, the
Emacs source code and documentation mentions MS-DOS hundreds
of times, but it never once mentions FreeDOS.

I'd be surprised if the intent is to support FreeDOS as
opposed to MS-DOS, but if that's the case, this should be
stated more clearly in the release notes and/or the user
documentation, to help avoid future confusion in this area.

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