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list-packages: Marking packages as "uninteresting"?

From: T.V. Raman
Subject: list-packages: Marking packages as "uninteresting"?
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 10:42:35 -0700

This is mostly a simple feature request:

Right now list-packages presents a giant list of packages, with
available packages listed first -- followed by all the installed

This also means that every time you bring it up, you end up
looking through packages you've decided are not interesting to
you --- would be possible to add the ability to mark packages as
"uninteresting" and have them bubble down to the bottom of the
list? They'd always be available in the packages buffer and you
could even find them with isearch -- they'd just not clutter up
the list and make it possibly to see what  new packages have
shown up.

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