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Re: Magit slow on Windows

From: Kevin Yu
Subject: Re: Magit slow on Windows
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 14:08:55 +0800
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> Then I think this is wrong: you should see
>   c:/git/bin/git.exe

If you do not want to export all the unix fileutils commands comming
with msys, the msys installation will wrap the git.exe command in
git.cmd, and put it in a seperated directory.

> Invoking git through a Windows shell script incurs an unnecessary
> slowdown.  You should start Emacs from the shell that knows about the
> msysgit installation, to get correct behavior.

here's the test from eshell:

    $ which git
    $ time git status
    0.156 secs

If you invoke M-x magit-status. It takes about 3 seconds to update the
status. I don't why :(.

Magit is really faster on Linux. I tested it in my virtual machine
(Debian 6.0) on the same repo(shared by virtual box shared
directory). It takes less than 1 second to show the repo status.

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