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trunk r116426: * lisp/jit-lock.el (jit-lock-mode): Keep it disabled in i

From: João Távora
Subject: trunk r116426: * lisp/jit-lock.el (jit-lock-mode): Keep it disabled in indirect buffers.
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2014 19:34:38 +0100
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I just read


which is a great demonstration of the utility of combining two existing
emacs core features: region-narrowing and indirect buffers.

In the comments, it goes on to suggest (as does the screen-shot) that
this could be a good replacement for the multiple-major-mode holy
grail. Someone here also asked about some kind of mini-editing-windows
after Adobe Brackets and I also think this could be a good alternative.

Problem is, that when I to switch modes in an indirect buffer, I get

    "Not enabling jit-lock: it does not work in indirect buffer"

Then, no fontification and subsequent disappointment.

I don't know anything about fontification techniques, so I don't even
know if the question makes sense, but isn't there a way to get
fontification (even if slower than jit-lock-mode) in the indirect
buffer, and keep the base buffer jit-locked?


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