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Re: Project systems (again)

From: Eric M. Ludlam
Subject: Re: Project systems (again)
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 15:37:18 -0400
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On 04/19/2014 10:26 AM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
When support for projects of that nature were added, what I quickly found
was that walking up the directory tree searching for them really hammered
the auto-mounter on networked file systems.

Currently, we walk up the tree several times per find-file for VC's
backend detection.  So this is a "solved" problem (use
locate-dominating-file, which should really be named
locate-dominating-dir, but it's not worth the trouble renaming it).

Thanks Stefan,

I'd only heard of this function recently, and was unsure if it was appropriate for EDE. In particular, I see in reading the code that it tries to avoid searching for files around root, above home directories, and matching a particular regexp, so that is good.

I tried some timing tests with it in my CEDET repository (4 deep directory) looping 100 times to see how it competes.

Detect detect-with-ldf took 0.0166 seconds
Detect detect-with-ldf-ede-simple took 0.0442 seconds
Detect detect-with-ldf-ede-full took 0.2112 seconds

Detect detect-with-ede took 0.0000 seconds
Detect detect-with-ede-file-detect took 0.0016 seconds
Detect detect-with-ede-no-buffer-cache took 0.1612 seconds
Detect detect-with-ede-buffer-init-hook took 0.2805 seconds

See attached code for details.

It did pretty well considering the added feature.

There are some strange hacks in the EDE autoloader due to not navigating up a directory tree. I'll see if I can take advantage of this function and simplify & enhance some of EDE's detection: the last 2 above timings.


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