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Re: ELPA screwup

From: Leo Liu
Subject: Re: ELPA screwup
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:44:22 +0800
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On 2014-04-22 05:25 +0400, Dmitry Gutov wrote:
>> Just now merging easy-kill updates into ELPA somehow all files are
>> merged into elpa/admin overriding things there.
> That's weird. I wonder how you perform the merges.

I did: git pull -s subtree easy-kill master

where easy-kill is a remote.

>> How could I fix this? (It seems cannot reset HEAD to before my push).
> 'git revert 6e73bbb -m 1' seems to be what you're looking for.
> Although maybe we'd prefer someone with admin access to force push the
> result of 'git reset --hard a1fe7f0'.

Thanks I'll wait a bit before using revert.


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