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eval proposals

From: Dmitry Antipov
Subject: eval proposals
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 19:33:41 +0400
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I would like to propose and discuss two small features below:

1) Protection against C stack overflow caused by enormously huge
   `max-lisp-eval-depth'.  Note that the stack size limit is examined
   just once (because doing it each time when eval_sub or funcall is
   called introduces too much overhead), but some OSes are capable to
   change this limit when the program is running (prlimit on Linux,
   for example).

2) Capability to shrink specpdl stack if it becomes too large.  When
   `max-specpdl-size' is 83200000 and `max-lisp-eval-depth' is 640000,
   this extreme example with 10K let bindings:

   (defun f ()
     (let ((x0 0)
           (x1 1)
           (x9999 9999)) (f)))

   creates 73622255-slots specpdl stack before running out of C stack
   on my system, which results in 2.5G RSS.  And currently there is no
   way to reduce it back to reasonable size.


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