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Re: [RFC] bytecomp: simple source-level optimization

From: Dmitry Antipov
Subject: Re: [RFC] bytecomp: simple source-level optimization
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 15:40:24 +0400
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On 06/23/2014 01:56 PM, David Kastrup wrote:

The latter is a bad idea.  You cannot reliably compare integers with
eq in Common Lisp, cf

I know.

The current Elisp implementation in Emacs (though possibly not in
XEmacs, and definitely not in GUILE) _does_ implement all integers as
immediate values, but that may well change in future:

Since such a change will break a lot of things under lisp/ directory,
I don't see practical considerations to make this move in foreseeable
future. Nevertheless, it may be worth trying to enhance bytecomp to
emit warning if at least one operand of 'eq' is a compile-time numeric


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