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Re: Yak-shaving from org-caldav to url-dav.el

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: Yak-shaving from org-caldav to url-dav.el
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 19:15:10 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13001 (Ma Gnus v0.10) Emacs/24.3.91 (gnu/linux)

Alexis writes:
> (1) Calling the `org-caldav-sync` command results in failure:
>> Got error status from PROPFIND: 
>> (("[calendar URL]" DAV:status 207 . " "))

I've added 207 as a valid PROPFIND result, so this should be fixed, but
will probably fail later on (I never tested it with DAViCal).

> One critical bit of code included in this version, but not in the
> 24.3.92 version of `url-dav.el`, are lines 420-423:
>     ;; This package was initially written for a different kind of
>     ;; QNAMES expansion, hence we have now to rewrite those so that
>     ;; for example ("DAV:" . "foo") becomes the symbol 'DAV:foo.
>     (url-dav-changexml (car tree))

That part was deemed to hackish and fixed in another way.

> Without this, HTTP 207 ("Multi-Status") responses from the CalDAV
> server aren't processed correctly, resulting in the "error status from
> PROPFIND" failure.

That's weird, since nothing but HTTP 200 should have been accepted.

> (2) So, let's "(load)" the randomsample version of `url-dav.el`. Doing
> so results in a new failure:

You cannot use that hacked url-dav together with newer Emacsen.

Please try the latest org-caldav version and let me know how it works
(on GitHub please, since this doesn't affect Emacs development).


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