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Re: Please don't obsolete "crisp.el"

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Please don't obsolete "crisp.el"
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:42:03 -0400
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Luke Lee wrote:

> what is the correct process to move crisp.el to ELPA?

I don't think this has happened before, so nobody really knows. :)

> a) about Emacs trunk: Should I keep the crisp.el in obsolete/,
> or just move it into ELPA?
> b) about ELPA, should I copy the crisp.el from Emacs/obsolete/,
> or just install a new one?
> c) Aside from crisp.el itself, what other files should I change for
> both Emacs and ELPA?

My guess:
In Emacs trunk, just remove crisp.el with a ChangeLog note something
like "move to GNU ELPA". Change etc/NEWS: add a new section after
"Obsolete packages" for "Packages moved to GNU ELPA" and move crisp.el
from obsolete to there.

As to getting it into GNU ELPA; yes install the version that was in
Emacs trunk (remove the "Obsolete-Since" header and add any needed
package headers). Do that before making any code changes.

But it would be good to preserve the VCS history of the file, if possible.
Maybe someone here has an idea how to do that?
Maybe start from the git version of the Emacs repo?

> d) Where should ELPA package review submits goes? The
> same as Emacs or?

Same as Emacs.

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