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Re: Writing to STDOUT from elisp

From: Craig Muth
Subject: Re: Writing to STDOUT from elisp
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 22:40:09 -0700

> If you want to do this in an interactive session

Yes, in an interactive session.

> please tell what
> exactly are you trying to do and why.  For example, is this only
> needed when you exit Emacs

Doing it when exiting emacs would work.  The best way to see what I'm
trying to do is to watch the first 20 seconds of the video on
http://xsh.org.  Xsh runs in emacs (transparently for most users,
since most key shortcuts are redefined).  I'm using a work-around to
do the printing for now.  One possible work-around is to making xsh be
a bash script (or function) that runs emacs and then prints text it
finds in a file temp file to stdout.  But it would be nice if I could
do it without that step.


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