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Re: trunk r117534: Unbreak compilation of derived cc-mode modes

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: trunk r117534: Unbreak compilation of derived cc-mode modes
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 02:00:14 -0400
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Daniel Colascione wrote:

>> Why is this needed, when cc-defs requires cl at compile time,
>> which defines cl-macroexpand-all as an alias for macroexpand-all?
> I was trying to fix some code that broke when requiring cc-langs and
> cc-fonts only. Requiring these features doesn't bring the needed alias,
> but apparently used to:
> ELISP> (require 'cc-langs)
> cc-langs
> ELISP> (require 'cc-fonts)
> cc-fonts
> ELISP> (featurep 'cl)
> nil
> Maybe that's the real bug.

Doesn't whether that's "right" or not depend on whether you are loading
the compiled or uncompiled versions? cc-mode was certainly not
_supposed_ to be loading cl (or cc-langs) at runtime when run compiled,
though for a time it did:


I can't say I understand all this cc-mode stuff, but I made the change
from cl to cl-lib in emacs-24, so if something needs fixing it
probably needs fixing there too.

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