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Re: Please don't obsolete "crisp.el"

From: luke . yx . lee
Subject: Re: Please don't obsolete "crisp.el"
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:26:25 +0800
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Hi all,

I plan to apply my proposed steps as follows to transfer the history of
crisp from Emacs to ELPA in a few days. If no one objects, I'll proceed
on that. If you have any concern about this, please inform me.

Luke Lee <address@hidden> writes:

> Here I conclude my steps to move crisp.el's history from Emacs to
> ELPA. Feel
> free to adjust the steps for landmark.el:
> 1. Preparing crisp.el history in Emacs repository:
> 1.1. "cd emacs.git"
> 1.2. "git log --follow --name-status lisp/obsolete/crisp.el"
> # We saw crisp.el moved from emulation/ to obsolete/ in the beginning,
> 1.3. Create a big patch from lisp/emulation:
> "git log -p --pretty=email --reverse --follow lisp/emulation/crisp.el
>> cirsp-history.patch"
> # Here I saw 56 commits in this big patch
> (1.4) Mangle the commit messages in crisp-history.patch to notify
> these commits comes from Emacs repo.
> 2. Import crisp.el history into ELPA repository:
> 2.1. Clone an ELPA to "elpa.crisp" directory
> 2.2. "cd elpa.crisp"
> 2.3. Create a new branch with no commits:
> "git checkout --orphan crisp-in-emacs"
> 2.4. Remeber to delete everything for later "git am" to succeed:
> "git reset --hard"
> 2.5. Import the commit history that we just created, keeping the
> correct > commit date/time:
> "git am --committer-date-is-author-date .
> ./emacs.git/crisp-history.patch"
> 2.6. During the process git will pause several times for failing apply
> the patches. We need to manually fix them. I found all those patch
> failure are about the copyright message chagne. So I just manually
> applied the changes and do "git am --continue" to keep going, or do
> "git am --skip"
> if those changes are already in place.
> 2.7. Now we've the latest Emacs crisp.el in ELPA/lisp/emulation, now
> move it to a new package dir:
> "git mv lisp/emulation/crisp.el package/crisp-mode"
> "git commit -m 'Move crisp-mode from Emacs trunk to ELPA'"
> 2.8. Now we're ready to merge it back to master:
> "git checkout master"
> 2.9. "git merge crisp-in-emacs"
> with commit message
> "Merge crisp-mode package from Emacs repository"
> We're done. Now examine the repository history.
> (2.10) (Not done yet) Now push it back with "git push ...".
> If everyone is okay with that, I'll commit the merge. Of course,
> before I did that we should have a proper message prefix/postfix
> the commit messages from Emacs trunk, to prevent confusing ELPA
> existing commit log (i.e. the above skipped step 1.4).

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