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Re: Status of trunk

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Status of trunk
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 00:42:07 -0400
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Bill Wohler wrote:

> I'm guessing that the current policy is that emacs-24 is used for 24.4
> fixes,


>  which are later merged to trunk by Glenn,

(By anyone who feels like it, but often no-one seems to feel like it.)

> and that trunk is open for business.


> Also, we have a couple of MH-E bugs on SourceForge related to
> compatibility with new nmh releases (1.5 and more recently 1.6). Would
> these qualify for checking in on the emacs-24 branch?

Not up to me, but showing the diff (it is not huge) would help to answer that.

Technically speaking, no; ref:

but if the changes are simple, probably yes. (But again, not up to me.)

> Are we still targeting a winter release?

Ha. There is no "target" AFAIK.

(Some people expressed a desire for more frequent releases, and I think
the phrase "every 6 months" was mentioned. The 24.4 feature freeze began
7 months ago...

There's no visible progress with any of the outstanding important bugs,
and no-one doing any serious documentation improvements.
Bug reports show that many people are using trunk rather than emacs-24.

So in summary I don't know when the release will be.
I hope it is a bit sooner than winter.)

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