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Re: Several problems

From: Nicolas Avrutin
Subject: Re: Several problems
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 05:43:32 -0400

I'm also experiencing this issue and would be happy to help you with
testing. I'm also using gtk3 and --without-toolkit-scroll-bars. I can
trigger the crash by running (sauron-start)[1] or
(jabber-connect-all)[2], in xmonad sending any emacs frame to a
different workspace, and then going to the workspace to which I sent the

I have applied your patch and the crash still occurs. Here is my
backtrace after running it through addr2line[3]:

emacs_backtrace at emacs-git/src/sysdep.c:2182
terminate_due_to_signal at emacs-git/src/emacs.c:381
emacs_open at emacs-git/src/sysdep.c:2211
XTredeem_scroll_bar at emacs-git/src/xterm.c:5971
redisplay_window at emacs-git/src/xdisp.c:16845
redisplay_window_0 at emacs-git/src/xdisp.c:14251
internal_condition_case_1 at emacs-git/src/eval.c:1371
redisplay_windows at emacs-git/src/xdisp.c:14235
redisplay_internal at emacs-git/src/xdisp.c:13829
redisplay at emacs-git/src/xdisp.c:13116
read_char at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:2562
read_key_sequence at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:9120 (discriminator 4)
command_loop_1 at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:1438
internal_condition_case at emacs-git/src/eval.c:1347
command_loop_2 at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:1169 (discriminator 1)
internal_catch at emacs-git/src/eval.c:1111
command_loop at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:1149
recursive_edit_1 at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:769
Frecursive_edit at emacs-git/src/keyboard.c:841
main at emacs-git/src/emacs.c:1652

Let me know if you'd prefer that I file a bug about this.

[1]  https://github.com/djcb/sauron
[2]  http://emacs-jabber.sourceforge.net/
[3]  sed -n 's/.*\[\(.*\)]$/\1/p' backtrace | addr2line -p -C -f -i -e
`which emacs`

Nicolas Avrutin

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