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Re: Escape key as C-g

From: Craig Muth
Subject: Re: Escape key as C-g
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2014 14:17:26 -0700

> See the function set-input-mode.

Thanks - I tried a few different values and was sort of able to make
headway, but each thing I try has tradeoffs.  Mostly because of the
stupid way

> This would be *an awful* idea -- a lot of long term emacs users --
> myself included -- hit ESC

I agree with you, re changing ESC's behavior for existing emacs users.
My case is different though.  I'm using emacs as an engine (so to
speak), where users won't even have to know they're in emacs.  I think
there's a ton of runway for using emacs like this - as an
engine/framework for console apps.


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