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Re: msvc-inval.h?

From: Chris Zheng
Subject: Re: msvc-inval.h?
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 17:51:41 +0800

From: Stephen Leake <address@hidden>
Subject: msvc-inval.h?
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 02:53:01 -0500

Hi Stephe,
> I'm building emacs on Windows for the very first time.
> dup2.c and other files requires msvc-inval.h, which is not on my system,
> and is not mentioned in nt/INSTALL.
> I'm guessing it's a header for the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library.
> I can't figure out where to get that from. 
If you are using the POSIX-like build method with MSYS or MSYS2, the
following information should be valuable.  When build with MSYS and
MinGW, dup2.c is not needed since the test was normally skipped.  The
most possible reason you see this error is the missing of the MSYSTEM.
To see whether it is the cause, you can set MSYSTEM to `MINGW32' or
`MINGW64' and try again.  Hope it helps.

Best wishes,

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