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Re: building Emacs on Msys2/mingw32

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: building Emacs on Msys2/mingw32
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 19:53:18 +0200
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Il 09/09/2014 15:42, Eli Zaretskii ha scritto:
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 23:54:13 +0200
From: Angelo Graziosi <address@hidden>

If I remove the "--build=x86_64-w64-mingw32" option to configure, the
build is configure for x86_64-pc-mingw64,

Configured for `x86_64-pc-mingw64'.

I see nothing wrong with that, off-hand.

and 'make -j3' fails at some point.

Where and how does it fail?

Ok, I have repeated the steps from scratch both in mingw32_shell.bat and in mingw64_shell.bat shell. As source I have used emacs-master.tar.gz (commit 416dd4af, Dmitry Antipov 2014-09-09 11:43:22 (GMT)) from Git mirror.

1) mingw32_shell.bat (failure)

$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure
Configured for `x86_64-pc-mingw32'.

$ make
if test "no" = "yes"; then \
  rm -f bootstrap-emacs.exe; \
  ln temacs.exe bootstrap-emacs.exe; \
else \
  ./temacs --batch --load loadup bootstrap || exit 1; \
  test "X" = X ||  -zex emacs.exe; \
  mv -f emacs.exe bootstrap-emacs.exe; \
/bin/sh: riga 4: ./temacs: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
Makefile:828: set di istruzioni per l'obiettivo "bootstrap-emacs.exe" non riuscito
make[1]: *** [bootstrap-emacs.exe] Errore 1
make[1]: uscita dalla directory "/tmp/emacs-master/src"
Makefile:379: set di istruzioni per l'obiettivo "src" non riuscito
make: *** [src] Errore 2

2) mingw64_shell.bat (success)
$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure --without-imagemagick
$ make

completed successfully! Maybe the failure I saw before was a consequence of the '-j3' option..

So, which way (x86_64-w64-mingw32 / x86_64-pc-mingw32) is the best to build Emacs on MSYS2?


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