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Re: Trunk emacs infelicity with linum mode

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Trunk emacs infelicity with linum mode
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 19:59:06 +0200

>>   > What will break if we set f->official true only _after_ the second
>>   > adjust_frame_size returns?
>> Nothing, I presume.  More so, because the fact that the hook is not
>> triggered on Windows and Gtk, already constitutes a bug which makes the
>> use of the hook during frame setup impractical on these systems.  Note,
>> however, that the hook might still trigger any time in between setting
>> f->official and executing
>> (face-set-after-frame-default frame parameters)
>> though currently I can't see how that could happen.
> So I suggest that Manoj tries that, and if that solves that problem,
> let's install this change on the trunk.

I just tried and it neither works on Lucid nor on Motif.  Apparently,
the change_frame_size call arrives after exiting Fx_create_frame but
before `face-set-after-frame-default' gets executed.  When I make the
frame official at the end of `x-create-frame-with-faces' it works.  Now
the problem is that making the frame official in
`x-create-frame-with-faces' means that if someone calls Fx_create_frame
from somewhere else, the frame never gets official.


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