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Re: Emacs Lisp's future

From: Taylan Ulrich Bayirli/Kammer
Subject: Re: Emacs Lisp's future
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:29:31 +0200
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> I think you are misunderstanding the problem.  The problem is not that
> technical problems occured after large changes.  The problem is that
> GUILE developers cannot be bothered with the fallout in affected
> projects.

I don't mean to insult but I have the impression that, what the Guile
developers could not be bothered with might have been the LilyPond
maintainer rather than LilyPond itself.

> GUILE development will cater better for Elisp than for Scheme?  That
> does sound peculiar.  Is this pitch being made anywhere else apart from
> the Emacs developer list?

Guile has authority over Guile-Scheme, but not over Elisp; it has to and
will support Elisp as defined by Emacs as much as possible.  That's
pretty obvious I'd say.

If the Emacs/Guile merge became fully complete in several years and all
remnants of non-Guile Emacs disappeared, then it could be vaguely
imaginable that Guile took control over Elisp semantics, but that "ain't
gonna happen" under such Emacs community pressure. :-)  You can bet on
Guile taking Elisp only to where Elispers want it to go.


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