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Re: ELPAing all the GNU manuals

From: Matthias Meulien
Subject: Re: ELPAing all the GNU manuals
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 14:34:40 +0200

Clearly, you have some reason to do that.  Could you explain it to us? 

Here is a use case for a repository of Emacs Lisp Packages for Info documentation (ELPI) (note that I have no idea whether it should use ELPA or not): A Windows user which install Git has access to Bash, Find utils, Core utils, etc but he has no local documentation for those tools, right? The repository could help such users to quickly set up their Emacs to have a permanent access to the documentation.

Other reasons:
- Promote the Emacs info reader;
- Make the Info documentation available without installing packages (Some  documentation refers to say the 'printf' format but users don't want to or can't modify their computer installation to read the libc documentation).

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