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Re: An easier way to edit variables

From: Tom
Subject: Re: An easier way to edit variables
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 16:09:10 +0000 (UTC)
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Ted Zlatanov <tzz <at> lifelogs.com> writes:
> Perhaps, but I think it's significantly less useful to users if you just
> drop them into a "enter a Lisp form" interface.  It could actually be
> harmful and lose their data.

Users already have customize. Just a put a customize button 
into the Help buffer for those variables which are customizable
and users can click on that.

The in place lisp editing is useful for advanced users. Why not help
them if it's not hard to implement?

> I really think those guys are in the minority and already know about
> `setq` and `M-:` and so on. If you're targeting them specifically, it's
> not as useful as I thought.

Yes, I also know about these, but still if I want to change the
value of some variable then I have to copy its name and value into
scratch the change and evaluate it there, etc.

It would be much more convenient to simply press 'e', edit the value in 
place and apply it. 

But there can be a 'c' customize binding too if somebody prefers

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