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Does Elpa welcome themes? Or should those stay in Melpa?

From: M
Subject: Does Elpa welcome themes? Or should those stay in Melpa?
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 14:56:27 -0500
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Hi all,

New to the mailing list and Savannah/GNU - hoping this is the right
place to ask this (I incorrectly asked Savannah-users last night -
hoping for better luck today).

If there is a more specific Elpa related list, please let me know and/or
disregard this.

I recently finished the copyright assignment docs with the FSF so I can
be a part of the GNU Emacs group.

My original intent/interest was to add my color theme found here:

Into Elpa (I also submitted it to Melpa tonight).

I notice that there aren't any other themes in Elpa (or if so, I'm
missing them).

Is this primarily due to reluctance in assigning copyright to FSF by
theme maintainers or a preference by Elpa to keep them out of the base 

On a related note, if I want to continue hosting the code at the current URL and
also clone it into the Elpa repository, would it be better to do it as
an "external" type or a "subtree" type?

Thanks in advance,

Matthew Carter

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