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RE: W32 with native scroll bars woes

From: David Requena Zabala
Subject: RE: W32 with native scroll bars woes
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 00:04:12 +0100

Many thanks for a prompt response.
Seems though that my point didn't get through very well...

> Scroll bars are supported on Windows and do work.

I can build a non-crashing emacs, with abhorrent windows scroll bars, any day 
of the week. Or download a pre-built binary for that matter.

I do want scroll bars, just emacs own "native scroll bars" (counter intuitive 
emacs speak, not mine). Those are much less obtrusive, customizable and work 
well for analog indication of current position on the buffer.

To that effect, on some platforms you can configure with 

Doing so on NextStep/OSX  gives an error: "Non-toolkit scroll bars are not 
implemented for Nextstep."

The same on a w32 build merrily builds a broken binary with no configure error 
whatsoever. If that is ok or not remains for you, devs, to judge.

Question stands: is it currently possible, in any way, to get *emacs native 
scroll bars* in w32 emacs? We had those in the past.

If not, I'm willing to look into this myself, if this was confined to some 
specific areas of the C language part of emacs sources. I could of course use 
some directions as to where to look at..

Best regards

PD: sorry if you get this twice. My fault.

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