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Slime repl (sbcl) history and/or cache problems

From: Kelvin White
Subject: Slime repl (sbcl) history and/or cache problems
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2015 06:21:24 +0000

This may seem a little crazy, and a lot odd. I'm not even sure this is an emacs issue at all but I need to start the investigation somewhere. My development environment at work is using SBCL and quicklisp with slime within emacs ( I've noticed that sometimes it seems like my code stays cached somehow even if I rm ~/.cache/*, restart the repl, and recompile the code. But if I kill emacs daemon, restart it and repeat the steps above, the problem seems to go away. Also, the repl history is gone from around the time I noticed the problem. I haven't noticed the issue prior to running this version of emacs. That doesn't mean it didn't exist, or even convince me that this is indeed a problem with emacs. It very well be some stupid behavior on my part. I am curious if any of you have experienced anything similar, or if this means I'm just going crazy? 
Is this scenario even possible and If not.. does any of you know any good psychiatrists?

Apologies in advance

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