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Re: Preparing for 24.5

From: Nicolas Petton
Subject: Re: Preparing for 24.5
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:21:43 +0100
User-agent: mu4e; emacs 24.4.1

I think it could be fun to help with this, and even if I don't know much
about the Emacs release process, I'm willing to learn, so I volunteer :)


Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> There have been many bugs fixed in `emacs-24' but things have settled
> there it seems, so we (my secret agents and I) think it's a good time to
> start preparing for a 24.5 release.
> So we're looking for a kind soul who'd like to help with this, i.e. take
> on the job of making the pretest tarballs (actually this 24.5 release
> should have a very short pretest, so the "s" in "tarballs" should not
> be needed), uploading them, making announcements, keeping track of
> bug reports related to that branch and deciding which ones need to be
> fixed before the release, those kinds of things (Glenn can tell you
> more about it).
> This is a great opportunity for someone to get more involved in Emacs's
> development.  And as usual, that person can count on all of us to
> provide all the whining and screaming he/she might need.
>         Stefan

Nicolas Petton

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