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Re: UI inconveniences with M-.

From: Vitalie Spinu
Subject: Re: UI inconveniences with M-.
Date: Tue, 05 May 2015 03:36:58 +0200
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 >>> Dmitry Gutov on Tue, 5 May 2015 03:14:47 +0300 wrote:

 > On 05/05/2015 03:13 AM, Vitalie Spinu wrote:
 >> Sure thing. I can do the mode. How about the basic merging? Would it
 >> be possible for you to put some basic stuff together?

 > What kind of stuff do you have in mind?

I have in mind xref-find-functions list of functions instead of
xref-find-function symbol. But that's tricky because you have
xref-identifier-at-point-function and
xref-identifier-completion-table-function and potentially many more
coming soon. Each of these should also be lists to allow for multiple

I think a more condensed system would serve us much better here. Instead
of the above 3 config vars use one - `xref-backends` holding a list of
backend names. Like '(elisp etags). Then dynamically expand each of them
as in `elisp-xref-find`, `eslip-xref-identifier-at-point` and
`elisp-xref-completion-table`. If some of the these are not defined use
the default.

Then the minor mode as I have just proposed would be trivial to
implement. I don't see a straightforward implementation based on the
current xref.



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