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RE: Adding a few more finder keywords

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Adding a few more finder keywords
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 09:20:00 -0700 (PDT)

> >> I've just added `checkdoc-package-keywords' that checks if the
> >> current file's keywords are in `finder-known-keywords'.
> >
> > Why? There is no reason to signal to users that there might be
> > a problem if they use keywords that are not in `finder-known-
> > keywords'.
> It's a matter of checking the current keywords against a list of
> keywords that are known to be good. `finder-known-keywords' is a
> good start for such a list.

I know, but experience shows that such "checks", even when intended
to be only helpful and not restrictive, tend to be taken by some
users as indicating what is permissible.  IMHO, this is not helpful
as the default behavior.  Making it optional, and not turned on
by default, lets any user who is savvy and will not be frightened
or misled by such checking signalling phony "problems" can turn it on.

> > The purpose of `finder-known-keywords' is not to suggest that
> > other keywords are a mistake.  File-header `Keywords:' is for
> > arbitrary labels that any user can make use of.  It is not only
> > for "standard" keywords that might be "known" to Emacs at any
> > state, let alone to Emacs at startup.
> I've provided a command that a package developer can voluntarily
> call to make sure that the keywords he chose are sound.

That's good.  I'm all for it.  Voluntary, customizable, and turned
off by default.  And I would probably be in favor of making
`finder-known-keywords' a user option, to facilitate and encourage
user customization of "the keywords he chose".

> It is for the benefit of all users if >2000 known packages can be
> organized by a smallish list of keywords, with no redundant
> synonyms, typos etc.

But you just acknowledged that the list is for "keywords he chose",
that is, keywords that a user can choose, and not just some
predefined "smallish list" of "standard" keywords.

> If a package author doesn't want to conform to the keyword
> guidelines

What guidelines?  File header `Keywords:' is not for package.el.
It predates it by decades, and its use is for arbitrary keywords.

If you want to invent a different file-header keyword from
`Keywords:', for example only for package.el or for your
prescribed more restrictive, guidelined use, then I'm not
opposed to that.  But please do not try to co-opt `Keywords:'
for something different from, and especially more restrictive
than, what it has been intended and used for all of these years.

> that I propose to recommend, fine: it's just a recommendation.

If it comes from GNU Emacs, such a recommendation should not
be applied to existing file-header keyword `Keywords:'.  If you
want to propose a new file-header keyword that has your
recommended use and meaning, please go right ahead.

In sum, OK to propose and check-doc whatever, but not for
the existing `Keywords:' keyword.

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