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Erc timestamps and buffer-invisibility-spec

From: Cédric Chépied
Subject: Erc timestamps and buffer-invisibility-spec
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 09:34:03 +0200
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I'm trying to fix bug 20468 but I need a little help. The bug is that erc
timestamps are not displayed. When starting with emacs -Q and connecting to
freenode (for example) via erc I can't see timestamps. I need to call
(erc-toggle-timestamp) twice or call (erc-hide-timestamp) and then
(erc-show-timestamp). Anyway it only works respectively for existing buffers or
current buffer. I need to do this again for each new buffer.

(erc-*-timestamp) functions only set the buffer-invisibility-spec variable. It
is set by default to t. Erc timestamps have property 'invisible set to

buffer-invisibility-spec is set to t, then I call erc-hide-timestamp. It is now
set to (timestamp t). When I call erc-show-timestamp, buffer-invisibility-spec
value is now (t) and timestamps are now displayed...

It looks like when buffer-invisibility-spec is t, text with property 'invisible
set to anything non nil (here it is 'timestamp) is not displayed (as written in
doc). But when the value is (t) only text with property 'invisible equal to t is

Is it a bug? Should the default value be (t) instead of t? Should erc timestamp
have no 'invisible property if erc-hide-timestamps is nil (but how to set the
property to all existing timestamps when user want it?)?

Cédric Chépied

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