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Re: A simple solution to "Upcoming loss of usability ..."

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: Re: A simple solution to "Upcoming loss of usability ..."
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 09:40:18 +0200
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Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:

> Third-party code doesn't need to change.  It'll still work reasonably
> well.

By "reasonably well" you mean that 3rd party will use one notation while
the Emacs sources will use another.

I thought the whole purpose of the change was to make things "more
clear" for new users. I think that the change makes it less clear.

Especially if you consider that a new user is more likely to contribute
to 3rd party Elisp projects before he starts to contribute to Emacs
sources (or even starts to look at them). I know this because that was
the case for me.

I hope most people will agree that having two notations for one thing is
bad for everyone: both novices and experts. There's one popular
programming language with the motto:

> There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.

Look at what happened to it when they tried to mix things up: Python 3
was released in 2008. And I'm still using 2.7.6. Granted, I'm not a
Python expert, but my impression is that many people still use 2.7.

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