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RE: python.el patch proposal: Respect `prog-indentation-context'.

From: Wedler, Christoph
Subject: RE: python.el patch proposal: Respect `prog-indentation-context'.
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 09:13:10 +0000

Christoph> But you are right, one should aim for improvements here, too.  At the
Christoph> moment, it has lesser priority for me - after all, wrong syntax
Christoph> highlighting just corrupts the appearance of the code whereas wrong
Christoph> indentation corrupts the code itself.

> I asked because it seems to me that many mode indenters look at the
> syntax to decide what to do.

You are right - I put "setting the syntax table of the inner mode" on my
TODO list as well.

> While digging around I found this in syntax.el:
>    ;;; Todo:
>    ;; - do something about the case where the syntax-table is changed.

As I bind syntax-ppss-cache and syntax-ppss-last to nil around the inner
mode indentation, this might already work - at least if I do not set the
inner mode's syntax-propertize function... (there are probably not too
many Python triple quotes strings in grammar actions...)

- Christoph

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