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nnoo.el: how to update server variables

From: Nikolaus Rath
Subject: nnoo.el: how to update server variables
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 12:45:13 -0700
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I am trying to update a server variable from one of (Gnus') backend
functions. My first attempt was

(defvoo nnimap-my-state nil)
(deffoo nnimap-request-list (&optional server)
  (nnoo-change-server 'nnimap server nil)
  (message "Old state: %s" nnimap-my-state)
  (setq nnimap-my-state 42))

but that did not work (successive invocations would all run with
nnimap-my-state being nil). After studying the nnoo.el sources for a
bit, I concluded that nnoo-change-server updates the declared server
variables to the per-server values, but does not copy any changes back.

However, I wasn't able to figure out how to manually perform these
changes. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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