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Re: Brittleness of called-interactively-p

From: raman
Subject: Re: Brittleness of called-interactively-p
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 08:57:50 -0700
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Speaking from the perspective of developing Emacspeak:

Emacspeak uses the "is this an interactive call" heavily  -- it provides
spoken feedback only if the call is interactive. 

I originally implemented emacspeak starting in late 1994 and used the
(when (interactive-p)...)
in all my code.

When interactive-p was deprecated and we moved to the new
called-interactive-p -- I was unable to get the behavior I wanted using
(called-interactive-p 'interactive) as  the test;  --  the code ended up
chasing its tail given the heavy use of advice.

I worked around the problem by defining my own version of the
interactive test -- see http://github.com/tvraman/emacspeak --
specifically the implementation of function ems-interactive-p.


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