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Re: Package initialization

From: Helmut Eller
Subject: Re: Package initialization
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 12:14:33 +0200
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On Sun, Jul 19 2015, Artur Malabarba wrote:

>>> If the user wants to bind an autoloaded command to a key, they can do that
>>> just fine.
>> How without adding something to .emacs?
> ;;;###autoload
> (defun some-command ()
>   ...)
> ;;;###autoload
> (eval-after-load 'lisp-mode
>   '(define-key lisp-mode-map "\C-c\C-k" #'some-command))

So you are saying this is good style?  And how is this supposed to offer
the option that people like me don't want to have the keybinding without
setting it explicitly in .emacs.


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