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enum indentation in GNU style in c-mode is inconsistent

From: David McMackins
Subject: enum indentation in GNU style in c-mode is inconsistent
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 16:35:43 -0500
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As pointed out in an e-mail from last year, the GNU style C indentation
in Emacs is wrong for enumerated types. The user who wrote it said that
the bug should not be fixed because it would case creeping changes in
the GNU code base over a long period of time.

While that is true, one large problem is inconsistency. I have gotten
Emacs into a state where the enum indentation would actually be true to
GNU coding standards through some messing about with opening and closing
braces in a header file, but if I reload c-mode, it goes back to the way
it was before.

I do think this should be fixed, since one of the primary reasons I use
Emacs is its correct indentation in many C styles.

Happy Hacking,

David E. McMackins II
Associate, Free Software Foundation (#12889)

www.mcmackins.org www.delwink.com
www.gnu.org www.fsf.org

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