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Re: Unified project interface

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Unified project interface
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 17:33:55 +0300
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On 07/28/2015 02:05 PM, Stephen Leake wrote:

I just realized project.el is in emacs master; I thought it was only in
the experimental branch.

It would be cleaner to have it separate, but being able to dogfood it now is quite handy.

So some specific change proposals:

- Rename 'project-directories' to 'project-root-directories' or

Either is fine with me, but note that y having "root" in the name we give up on adding a special "project-root" function in the future, one that you described earlier.

> The current project root should always be first in the list.

- 'project-search-path' should not include 'project-root-directories'.

I say we document it like that (or say that it's "allowed not to include"), but the consumers will still take care of the duplication (call project--prune-directories). That's easier on the implementations.

- 'elisp-search-path' should not include 'package-user-dir';
   package-user-dir is not an elisp source directory, and load-path
   already includes the subdirs of it, if packages are initialized.

What's the harm? It's an optimization: this way, we only call 'find' once per elpa dir, instead of doing it for each installed package. Not sure what's the overhead on that, but it seems wasteful.

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