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Combining (and obsoleting) isearch-regexp and isearch-word into a new va

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Combining (and obsoleting) isearch-regexp and isearch-word into a new var
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 00:48:16 +0100

Currently `isearch-word' is a variable that can be a boolean
(indicating if word searching is on or off) or it can hold a function
(which is called on the search string before passing it to a regexp
Both symbol-searching and char-folding are implemented as function
values of this variable, while word-searching is implemented as a
boolean value even though it could just as well be another function

In addition to that, we also have regexp-searching, which *could* be
just another function value for that variable (the #'identity), but
instead it's implemented as a whole new boolean variable

All of these 4 functionalities are mutually exclusive, so it makes
sense for them to be implemented as different values of a single
variable in a consisten manner (all functions).

I'd like to propose that the `isearch-word' variable be aliased to
`isearch-special' (or something like this), and that its use as a
boolean also be obsoleted.
Then also obsolete `isearch-regexp', which is just a special case of

If we don't want an extra var, then we can just use one of the
existing vars for this purpose and obsolete the other.
I'd just like to condense it all in a single variable and obsolete the
boolean usage.

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