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Per-language project-search-path, was: Re: Unified project interface

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Per-language project-search-path, was: Re: Unified project interface
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2015 04:14:07 +0300
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On 07/31/2015 07:13 PM, Stephen Leake wrote:

The elisp project (depending on current Emacs version) will only want to
search one of:

(lisp lisp-emacs-24)
(lisp lisp-emacs-23)

The Ada project will only want to search the "ada" and "build"
directories (for the Makefile and Ada project file).

By the way, do you think project-search-path should have a major-mode (or language) argument? Or maybe depend on it implicitly, via the current buffer?

ede-source-paths dispatches on both PROJECT and MODE; to reuse it (in the ede project backend), we'd have to produce the mode argument.

The caveats with the given choices are:

- Users can use different major modes for the same files. Normally, project support shouldn't affect that.

- We have no registry of languages, AFAIK. And different languages can be spelled differently (C++ vs Cpp, Fortran vs F77, Objective-C vs ObjC).

- Just prescribing to use the current buffer in whatever way the project backend wants could be the most flexible, but it doesn't solve either difficulty.

We could ask a similar question for project-ignores as well, though I'd rather not go that far. It needs a DIRECTORY argument already.

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