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Re: ampc back on elpa?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ampc back on elpa?
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 09:35:43 -0400
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> Only spaces here. One extra space before ,(kbd "F")
> Fixed in new patch below. Is that the problem you are talking about?

No the problem I was talking about was in my head.  I just fixed it
(lots more still to go, tho; it's can of hopeless in there, sorry).

> I'm not documenting the code :-D I was just trying to understand it.

I know.  That's often the best way to document code.

> I can't document this macro because I don't really know what it does.

Oh well.

> I put `delimiter` in all caps but I can't do more.  Should I remove it?

No, no, please don't remove it.

> Done.  I removed code in ampc-update and added a new function
> ampc-start-search binded to the 's' key in search view.  No need to
> check minibuffer, using read-string and your nice `(setq
> ampc-search-keywords (unless (string= "" search) search)))` line.

Looks good.  I was about to install the change into elpa.git but I can't
find your name in the list of people who assigned copyright.
Have you signed the copyright paperwork?
If not, please fill the form below and send it as instructed to the FSF
so they can send you the relevant paperwork to sign.

In the mean time, here's a comment about:

+(defun ampc-start-search ()
+  "Ask mpd to search for songs matching keywords"
+  (interactive)
+  (cl-assert (ampc-in-ampc-p))
+  (let ((search (read-string "Keywords: ")))

This should look more like

    (defun ampc-start-search (search)
      "Ask mpd to search for songs matching keywords."
      (interactive "sKeywords: ")
      (cl-assert (ampc-in-ampc-p))

-- Stefan

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