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RE: Alignment and images

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Alignment and images
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 09:18:14 -0700 (PDT)

> Images in dired should just work without you having to do anything.
> There should be an easily reachable command in dired that would just
> display a tooltip with the image displayed,

This is available with `dired+.el'.  It would be easy to add it to
Emacs.  It is controlled by option `diredp-image-preview-in-tooltip':

  diredp-image-preview-in-tooltip is a variable defined in `dired+.el'.
  Its value is 100

  Whether and what kind of image preview to show in a tooltip.
  The possible values are:

   `nil'       : do not show a tooltip preview
   integer N>0 : show a thumbnail preview of that size
   `full'      : show a full-size preview of the image

  To enable tooltip image preview you must turn on `tooltip-mode' and
  load library `image-dired.el'.  See also option

You can use it to show a thumbnail (of any size) or the full-size image,
in a tooltip. 

There is also option `diredp-auto-focus-frame-for-thumbnail-tooltip-flag':

  diredp-auto-focus-frame-for-thumbnail-tooltip-flag is a variable defined in 
  Its value is nil

  Non-nil means automatically focus the frame for a thumbnail tooltip.
  If nil then you will not see a thumbnail image tooltip when you
  mouseover an image-file name in Dired, unless you first give the frame
  the input focus (e.g., by clicking its title bar).

There are also several image-related commands, including one that
shows a thumbnail of the image file of the current line using
`image-dired' (i.e., in a separate buffer), one that shows the
full image in a separate window or frame, and one that does the
latter for all marked image files

> and there should be a minor
> mode that does that for all image files without having to do anything
> except putting point on a line with an image file displayed.

See above.

> Implementing this should be rather trivial, since Emacs has rather good
> built-in image support now (on all normal systems; i.e., with
> imagemagick support).


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