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Re: [PATCH] Enable customisation for electric-quote-mode chars

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Enable customisation for electric-quote-mode chars
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 12:15:53 -0700
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Göktuğ Kayaalp wrote:
                     | label             | quotes  |
                     | curved69          | “‘’”    |
                     | curved99          | ”’’”    |
                     | guillemets        | «‹›»    |
                     | guillemets+curved | «“”»    |
                     | guillemets+lo9hi6 | «„“»    |
                     | reverseguillemets | »›‹«    |
                     | lo9hi6            | „‚‘“    |
                     | lo9hi9            | „‚’”    |
                     | japan             | 「『』」 |
                     | korean            | 《〈〉》 |

Thanks for cataloging these, but why bother with inventing names? Just use the "quotes" column as the label. That's more intuitive.

If we must use names I suggest "angle" over "guillemets" as it's too easy to misspell "guillemets".

The "japan" entry has single- and double-quotes interchanged.

I would avoid labels like "japan" or "korean". In Korea the abovementioned quotation style is not common (and the common style differs in North vs South Korea -- we really don't want to get into that mess!).

Not sure what to do about require spaces in some languages; perhaps an independent setting?

they're unnecessary if the respective keyboards for the languages allow
typing them easily (IDK, please comment)

Typically CJK keyboards do not contain those sorts of quote characters. I assume they can be entered more-awkwardly via input methods but do not know the details.

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