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RE: `read--expression' and `read-minibuffer'

From: Herring, Davis
Subject: RE: `read--expression' and `read-minibuffer'
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2016 13:25:28 +0000

[Many variations of the following points snipped.]

> You spoke of intention to evaluate, as I said.  I didn't,
> and still don't, see how such an intention enters into what
> `read--expression' does.  I don't even know what such
> intention means, operationally.

It affects completion, as has already been stated: given


as a _form_ (hopefully less ambiguous than "expression"), the only completion 
is `comment-choose-indent'; as a general s-exp, `comment-column' is probably 
more likely.

> But if you bring in evaluation to further classify Lisp
> objects then please tell us exactly how those that you
> call "expression" differ with respect to evaluation.

They have a structure that could possibly evaluate without error?  Of course, 
nothing can check that an evaluation completes without error (without actually 
evaluating it, which might never complete).  So `read--expression' doesn't 
bother checking at all.

> Does `read--expression' complain that what it read here is
> not an "Elisp expression"?  (Nope.)

It is better to interpret `read--expression' not as "read and return a form" 
but rather as "read an s-exp from the user, helping them type a form".  It 
really is a question of intent: the caller intends to get a form, so they make 
it easy for the user (who is hopefully also intending to enter a form) to do so.

["they" are "expression"/"form" and "sexp"]
> Apparently, in Emacs-Speak, they are the same.  They are
> distinguished from the more general category of Lisp "objects".

Be careful with the map and the territory: a string for the Lisp reader isn't 
itself a (Lisp) object unless it also exists as a string object in Lisp.  An 
object results from a read of an s-exp; the words "expression" and "form" are 
commonly applied both to the object read (if it "seems" evaluable) and to the 
read syntax for it, but the word "object" is not.


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