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Re: Using file descriptors in Emacs

From: Davis Herring
Subject: Re: Using file descriptors in Emacs
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 09:40:43 -0600
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[All address@hidden:]
I suppose one could add the capability to pass in a process object as
the source of input for a new process object. This could be implemented
by forcing the passed-in process object to a state where it does not
have (and cannot have) a process-filter function. Then the file
descriptor used for input to the passed-in process object could be
manipulated appropriately to make it the stdin of the new process
object. The new process object in turn will be in a special state where
it cannot accept input from Emacs.
Then also it is necessary to handle redirecting to and from files
without going through Emacs. That could be done by creating a new kind
of process object which is created by opening a file, and then that can
be passed in in the way I describe above.
OK, that works for me. I guess it's not really different from the API I
would have constructed for file descriptors.

Of course it's not any different: the phrases "[cannot] have ... a process-filter function", "a special state where it cannot accept input from Emacs", and especially "a new kind of process object which is created by opening a file" are telling you that these "generalized process objects" _are_ file descriptors.

Of course, this is already the case in Emacs: `make-network-process' makes a socket which (on POSIX at least) is a file descriptor. The terminological confusion requires hedges like

However, a network process has no process id, it cannot be signaled,
and the status codes are different from normal processes.

from its documentation.


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