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Bug in Unicode character width in Emacs 25.1, bisected to a761fbf (Unico

From: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
Subject: Bug in Unicode character width in Emacs 25.1, bisected to a761fbf (Unicode 9.0.0beta import)
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 20:52:44 +0200

[I'm sending this to the ML instead of bug-* because I figure a bug
caused by the Unicode 9 import will garner some wider interest than
your typical regression]

The mu4e mode has a mu4e-use-fancy-chars option which if set will use
e.g. ⚓ (Unicode ANCHOR; U+2693) instead of "a" in the vertically
aligned headers view to show that an E-Mail has an attachment.

In Emacs 25.1 this vertical alignment is off consistent with ⚓ being
considered a zero-width character, i.e. the content to the right-hand
side of the ⚓ character is shifted 1 character to the left.

I bisected this to Eli's a761fbf,

I also manually verified that the bisect was correct by testing both
that commit & the preceding commit, 06aad39. The issue doesn't happen
with 06aad39, but does with a761fbf.

The commit also cleanly reverts on top of the emacs-25.1 tag,
reverting it resolves this issue for me.

In both a761fbf and without M-x describe-char for that character looks the same.

I'm sorry that I don't have a more isolated test case than "run mu4e,
turn on mu4e-use-fancy-chars and check out the misalignment in the
header view" but I figure with the bisect + my successfully testing a
revert of a761fbf on top of emacs-25.1 we have enough info to get
started in narrowing this down.

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