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Key binding option for comment-line and comment-dwim

From: Edward Flanigan
Subject: Key binding option for comment-line and comment-dwim
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 00:42:05 +0000

This is more of my personal preference than a development issue so I apologize if this is out of place.

I post this in hopes of an easier way to comment a single line.

I think one of the two options below are an improvement over the existing behavior:

1.) comment-dwim (M-;) should comment line when pressed at the beginning of the line and no region is active.
    A prefix C-u comment-dwim could then call comment-insert-comment-function to provide that behavior.

2.) comment-line should be bound to a single keystroke (such as C-M-;)
    C-M-; is consistent with comment-dwim which is bound to M-;
    C-x C-; isn't that useful when C-SPC C-n M-; does the same thing.

It seem to me that comment line is a frequently used command and would be of more use if something were changed.

I understand everyone has their preferences and emacs allows you to create whatever bindings fit your needs.
I wanted to share in case others also felt the need for an easier way to commnet.

I'm open to any other suggestions or improvements.

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