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Re: User-defined record types

From: Lars Brinkhoff
Subject: Re: User-defined record types
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:25:50 +0100
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> diff --git a/src/data.c b/src/data.c
>> index ae8dd97..eceb752 100644
>> --- a/src/data.c
>> +++ b/src/data.c
>> @@ -267,6 +267,7 @@ static void swap_in_symval_forwarding (struct
>> Lisp_Symbol *,
>>          case PVEC_MUTEX: return Qmutex;
>>          case PVEC_CONDVAR: return Qcondition_variable;
>>          case PVEC_TERMINAL: return Qterminal;
>> +        case PVEC_RECORD: return AREF (object, 0);
>>          /* "Impossible" cases.  */
>>          case PVEC_XWIDGET:
>>          case PVEC_OTHER:
> `type-of` is expected to return a symbol.  So the above code implies
> that `record` objects should have a symbol their slot 0 and that this
> symbol should be the record's type name.

Right.  Fmake_record does check that slot 0 is initialized to a symbol.

> Currently EIEIO and `cl-defstruct` indeed puts a symbol in slot 0 but
> this symbol is not exactly the struct type, so returning AREF (object,
> 0) wouldn't return quite the right value.

I don't understand everything about cl-defstruct, and even less about
Emacs flavor of generic functions or EIEIO.  I have a patch which
demostrates how to make cl-defstruct create record instances if you
explicitly ask for it.  It does put the type name in slot 0.

If you pass (:named foo) to cl-defstruct, foo will be put in list or
vector slot 0, so I suppose that should work for records too.

If you don't use the :named option, it seems there will be no type
information in the instances.

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