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Re: User-defined record types

From: Lars Brinkhoff
Subject: Re: User-defined record types
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 21:03:57 +0100
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
> OK, it's [now] working.

A full bootstrap build still fails for me:

cedet/ede.el:46:1:Error: Wrong type argument: sequencep, #%[cl-slot-descriptor 
expanded nil boolean ((:documentation . "State of an object being expanded in 

> We're going to have trouble preserving backward compatibility with
> pre-existing .elc files.  As you can see, the code says it inherits
> from `cl-structure-object' (which now is of `record` type), but its
> constructor `make-sm-test` creates a vector rather than a record, so
> (cl-typep 'cl-structure-object) will fail if it only considers
> `type-of'.

What if we relax the type check to use (aref object 0) instead?  That
works for both old and new instances, as long as :initial-offset is 0.

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