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From: Damian Chrzanowski
Subject: emacs-oob-reboot
Date: Sat, 06 May 2017 07:13:37 +0100


Forwarding a suggestion about out of the box improvements to emacs on Jostein KjĂžnigsen repo :

There's a lot of talk on reddit already about new improvements "breaking" things, people's configs suffering, key bindings reconfigured, etc. Therefore, I suggest that on first load emacs should ask the user about key binding preferences :

1. I have my own .el files, ask me where they are Emacs so that you can import them (from GitHub, zip files, etc.)
2. I want emacs standard keyboard bindings please
3. I want Cua mode so that Emacs behaves like "popular" editors
4. I want Vim-like modal editing key bindings (this option will install evil and a few evil extras, hypothetically).
5. Whatever else is out there???

Let's not fool ourselves, editor wars are silly and childish. What we want to do is create a more attractive and mature environment and I believe that this will represent a more open approach. This approach will also show, at the very beginning, just how flexible Emacs is and that it can be modified to any preferences.

I am of a strong opinion that a lot of folks would simply put Emacs away based on the fact that they felt forced to use Ctrl +... to move around. Well... Let's move on and show that Emacs is much more than that!
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