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Characters saved mismatch?

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Characters saved mismatch?
Date: Sun, 7 May 2017 01:27:42 +0200
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I notice this in my Emacs master build on MSYS2/MinGW64:

  emacs -Q &
  C-x C-f foo.text RET

Now in foo.text type

foo RET
bar RET

and then save: C-x C-s. In the mini-buffer (and in Messages) there is the message:

  Wrote ‘c:/msys64/tmp/foo.text’ (8 characters)


  ls -l foo.text
  -rw-r--r-- 1 bingo bongo 10  7 mag 01.07 foo.text

10 bytes! This is right because on Windows, by default, Emacs uses the DOS style at the end of a line: CR+LF.

Why then it writes that has written 8 characters? It seems it is remembering what by default occurs on GNU/Linux (only LF).. Or not?


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